Time To Go To Sleep


There is nothing more to keep you
Wide awake and watchful now
Take you in my arms and sweep you
Up to bed and kiss your brow

Snow is falling on a mountain
Whales are swimming in the deep
Stars are flowing from a fountain
It is time to go to sleep

Make a wish and blow it to the moon
All your questions will be answered soon

The moon sits on a chimney pot
Clouds are snuggled with the sheep
And you are in your little cot
For it is time to go to sleep

Go to sleep


On The Far Side Of The Earth


On the far side of the Earth
The moon is telling of our love
Stars are falling
Whorling and settling
A silver blanket glistens on the land
The tigers are crying
In each others jaws
On every moonlit limb birds
Rest feather to feather
The heavens catch their breath and you
You are here
In my arms

The Ghosts Of Victory


We walk together
Thru scenes of our shared past
That I have no understanding of
Or power to change
The cratered kitchen
The entrenched bedroom
The unrecognisable twisted limbs
What could I have done?
“You could have done nothing
You think you hold the power to change me?
You hold my hand
Nothing more”
She wears a red glove
“So you might stop crying now”

The Foxtrot


If they could see me now
White tie and tails
Dancing on a silver moonbeam
They’d know why I hung them out to dry
They’d all cry out
“Why, he sure showed us!
Cardboard cutouts at a cabaret
Polishing our shoes for nothing”
Here comes the spotlight!
Can you hear the violence?
They’re playing our song
And they can all go do the foxtrot

The Bonfire


And so we meet
One final time
To burn the last of our memories
To watch the ashes of trust
Take to the air
And fall like snow flakes
In somebody else’s yard

There will be no tender kiss
No parting tears
We will not recognise each other
For all the armour
And the grotesque masks
As we seize our last chance
To push each other into the fire

The Runaway


With her feet on the wrong way round, she ran away rather well. She chased her heart down the wrong paths, and ran into trouble before she could see it. Corrective shoes did not help. They only slowed her down, so that the sharp pains of her daily collisions became dull ache of slow constant abrasion. But she polished those shoes every day, so shiny she could see her face in them. Such a sad face. So sad she couldn’t bear to see it. So she took the shoes off, and she walked barefoot, and her toes found their way more carefully.