Blood Bonds


It’s you I desire
Can you take this torch from me
Can you lay me down
On unholy ground
And drink deep of me

An unbearable fire
Can you see the change in me
Can you lay me down
Bind my limbs around
And move inside of me

Take out my heart
See it still beating
Our kind of love
Is only fleeting
An eternity
Of domesticity
Is not for me

Cut away the strings
That keep me bound to life
Ah, the first cut stings
We do not need the rings
To bind us man and wife

I take this knife

Little Fishcake Belly 3


Her heart broke. She dropped to her knees and cried. Her sobs echoed around her under the iron bridge. She fell forward onto her hands and watched her troubled tears fall into the calm still water of the canal.

What had happened? What had she done? How she had looked forward to this day. And now..?

She looked at the dress in her dark reflection, the dress she made in anticipation of this day. She snivelled and choked and poured more tears in the canal, expecting her sorrow to breach it’s banks. The more she looked at herself in the water, the more it seemed she belonged there, and her tears stopped and her breathing calmed. She stared silently into the cold darkness.

Could she do it? Was it deep enough? Was she too scared? What was she really scared of losing?

Just a little push. Just a little push…

Her breaths became shallower. She started panting and sweating. Her fingers gripped and released and gripped and released on the canal bank. Her stomach jumped and pulled violently. Pigeons all burst from their hiding places and fled. It startled her and she ran. Scrambled on all fours. She followed his scent. And she ran to burst her heart. She would not lose him now.