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No One


No sorry little tear
No sad little sigh
No tear stained kiss
No breath caught wave goodbye
One torn up little ticket
One seat spare on the train
One unsmoked cigarette
One stepped on in the rain

No warming last embrace
No dying ember glow
No final cup of coffee
No lipstick trace to show
One fool stood on a platform
One wet February day
One sad sorry story
One day you went away


The Day She Had To Go


It’s just the buttons on her coat
Fastened close upon her throat
It’s a kiss just as the whistle blows
It’s the tip left on the plate
The station clock just striking eight
It’s just a memory of the day she had to go

It’s the case I had to fix
I’m sure that it was full of bricks
It held everything in it that she could throw
The way she dragged it on the train
In the pouring rain
It’s just a memory of the day she had to go

It was the silence of the birds
And my unspoken words
All the things I just assumed that she would know
It’s my heart’s biggest regret
It’s just the worst thing yet
It’s just a memory of the day she had to go

Go Back To Her


Go back to her
And all her pretty little ways
If you’re in love with her
There’s no time to waste
Don’t worry about me, I’ll get by
Love’s but another drink away
With some or other guy

Run into her arms
Don’t waste another minute
Look into your heart
You can see that I’m not in it
There’s no point in pretended breathless sighs
I only wish I knew the words to say goodbye

There’s no moon above
Shining down on me and you
It’s clear that we are through
We’ve had our day
You really don’t need me
To tell you what to do
Don’t pour another drink
Cause I can’t let you stay

The love we shared
It’s just a tired and withered thing
Don’t kid yourself
It would ever rate a ring
There’s no sorrow in your heart for me
And you know why
So don’t risk losing her
Just say goodbye