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A Modern Romance


You say come play
Now don’t say
Baby I love you
Darling why would you
Do that to us

These days
No strings is the thing
So honey believe me
If you wanna see me
Don’t make a fuss

Quit making claims
Anchors and chains
To keep me
Let’s play a modern romance
Don’t sweat it
Just take a chance

Let’s play
The modern way
But don’t say I love you
And I won’t tell
How I need you so much

I need your kiss
How I need to feel your touch


The Way My Heart Flies


See the little bluebird
How he flies
Up above the chimney pots
High in the sky
That’s the way my heart flies
When you go walking by

Sunlight on the water
Dancing bright
Copper bellied kingfishers
Darting in flight
That’s the way your smile
Dazzles me

If I could only speak to you
I would be
Gladder than a barn swallow
Up in the eaves
That’s how happy I would be
If you would only talk to me

And I would ask you
If I could take your hand
Step out on the floor
As they strike up the band
And we’d glide
Like birds over water

The Painted Ponies


This time
We’re gonna get it right
We’ll ring all o’ the bells
Light up all the lights
This time
And the band will play our song

This time
Nobody takes a fall
Nobody takes the blame
We’re gonna have it all
This time
We just can’t go wrong

You’ll tell me
I’m your one and only
We’ll be laughing
On painted ponies

This time
Before the closing of the doors
We’ll face ’em all and take a bow
And all of the applause
This time
And the band will play our song
This time