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The Sailor


A sailor once said to me
With a countenance sunny
“One day you’ll look back on this
And it will all seem funny
You’ll laugh at the storm
That took away the sails
You will learn in time
That hope and faith prevails
You will brush all hardship
From the collar of your coat”
But I’m still bailing water
And he’s still pissing in my boat


The House Of Wolves


The stillness of
Her doe eyes
Watching him
From a clearing
In the thickness
Of the heat
And the madness
In the house of wolves

He is not safe
He cannot breathe
He dare not move
Towards her
For he knows
For all his strength
The wolves
Will take him down

The Painted Ponies


This time
We’re gonna get it right
We’ll ring all o’ the bells
Light up all the lights
This time
And the band will play our song

This time
Nobody takes a fall
Nobody takes the blame
We’re gonna have it all
This time
We just can’t go wrong

You’ll tell me
I’m your one and only
We’ll be laughing
On painted ponies

This time
Before the closing of the doors
We’ll face ’em all and take a bow
And all of the applause
This time
And the band will play our song
This time