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King Buckaroo


I could have stayed and held on tight. Rode the thing out like King Buckaroo. But I held on to a dignity I no longer have, for a certainty which leaves me suspended.
Memories assail me at every corner. Of sunlit limbs skipping down a packhorse trail. Kissing over every bridge and under one or two. Just a mayfly dancing in my hand.
Tearing her knickers on the kitchen counter. Rocking her body like a boat in a storm. I miss the slip of her wet thighs. I miss the feel of her shoulder against mine. I thought for a while we drew closer still.
I held my breath and clung so tight and made a wish upon us both. But a breath can only be held for so long until it burns. Jealousy tore me into it’s Hell.
And so my chances get slimmer. Another one I can’t replace. And I hold too many standards and measures to be fair to someone new. I curse her for opening my eyes.


Do We Really Need A Moon


Do we really need a moon?
A balmy night in June?
Don’tcha think it could be soon?
Oh, my dear, why wait?
All we really need’s a sigh
A little kiss before goodbye
But you never really try
To make me swoon

Do we really need a dream?
A played out movie scene?
All I’m looking for’s a gleam
Of love in your eye
And I’ll be yours
And you’ll be mine
Do we really need a moon?
All we need is just a sigh

No One


No sorry little tear
No sad little sigh
No tear stained kiss
No breath caught wave goodbye
One torn up little ticket
One seat spare on the train
One unsmoked cigarette
One stepped on in the rain

No warming last embrace
No dying ember glow
No final cup of coffee
No lipstick trace to show
One fool stood on a platform
One wet February day
One sad sorry story
One day you went away

A Modern Romance


You say come play
Now don’t say
Baby I love you
Darling why would you
Do that to us

These days
No strings is the thing
So honey believe me
If you wanna see me
Don’t make a fuss

Quit making claims
Anchors and chains
To keep me
Let’s play a modern romance
Don’t sweat it
Just take a chance

Let’s play
The modern way
But don’t say I love you
And I won’t tell
How I need you so much

I need your kiss
How I need to feel your touch

Grey Green Eyes Of Blue


It makes me sad
When you say you’re going away
It drives me mad
I can’t find a way to make you stay
Wouldn’t be so bad
If you were coming back some day
To stay

Why is it so
You have this power over me
Why’d you let me go
I didn’t want to be set free
Why, I’ll never know
I guess I’m always gonna be
That way

It’s been some time now
And the feeling still remains
Just the same
As the day you went away
But when friends ask me
I laugh and say
I’m doing okay
I’m doing okay

But I’m so blue
Don’t see how I’ll get over you
I guess it’s true
It’s something I will surely do
Find someone new
With grey green eyes of blue
Some day

A Little Closer To Losing You


Little angel, please don’t cry
Let me kiss the tears from your eyes
I sometimes say the most foolish things
Never conscious of the pain it brings
Till it’s too late
I never thought I could feel this way
And the long the short of it
Is, darling, I love you
But every time I forget myself
I get a little closer to losing you

You say you forgive me
But I just can’t forgive myself
I’m losing sleep at night
I keep waking with a dream
That I’m pushing you away
I never thought I could feel this way
And the long the short of it
Is I’m so scared of the fool that I can be
And every time I forget myself
I get a little closer to losing you

The Day She Had To Go


It’s just the buttons on her coat
Fastened close upon her throat
It’s a kiss just as the whistle blows
It’s the tip left on the plate
The station clock just striking eight
It’s just a memory of the day she had to go

It’s the case I had to fix
I’m sure that it was full of bricks
It held everything in it that she could throw
The way she dragged it on the train
In the pouring rain
It’s just a memory of the day she had to go

It was the silence of the birds
And my unspoken words
All the things I just assumed that she would know
It’s my heart’s biggest regret
It’s just the worst thing yet
It’s just a memory of the day she had to go